Zero Downtime Backup

Zero Downtime Backup archives, protects and clarifies data so that they always plan an active role in securing production, trade or services.

Your data are your exclusive property. Zero Downtime Backup is a set of technical means (hardware and software), methodology and processes focused on reliable backup, archiving and recovery of information systems data with regard to their size, complexity, importance and specific requirements of your budget.

When designing the backup system, we use the most modern and efficient means available on the market, with an emphasis on optimizing procurement and operating costs. In the process of choosing the right way and methodology of data protection, we consider the following issues:
  • data classification by value and importance
  • data recovery speed requirements
  • requirements for the level of security of individual categories of data
  • legislative requirements
  • available time to make backups without affecting the operation of the services
The backup itself is unnecessary if it is not possible to restore the required data in time and to the required extent. We use the following methods:
  • deduplication
  • synthetic backups
  • continuous incremental backup
  • disk-to-disk and disk-to-disk-to-tape backup
  • virtual tape libraries (VTL)
  • shared SAN file systems
  • backup of virtualized environments in the form of an image of virtual servers
If you have data stored, they need to be available immediately.

The main reasons for the unavailability of information systems:
  • 15% - hardware failures
  • 45% - software errors
  • 40% - human factor failure
A monitoring and reporting system is, therefore, a part of the backup solution. It can be standalone or the backup monitoring is integrated into an existing monitoring system. The system automatically notifies administrators of backup job failures and other error conditions.

The Zero Downtime Center architecture consists of a set of proven tools, mostly based on open-source software. The core of the commercial software used is IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Storage Suite, which together with the Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA) license form an indispensable part of backup.
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Extended Edition
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Databases
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Enterprise Resource Planning
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Mail
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Space Management
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for SAN
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments
  • Spectrum Copy Data Manager
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Plus
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