Zabbix 5.4: The improvements you've been waiting for

The new version of Zabbix 5.4 comes with the planned generation of PDF reports, robust problem detection, advanced data aggregation and other significant improvements.

"In the new version of Zabbix, we have focused on the requirements of the most demanding customers who require the highest levels of performance and flexibility. Zabbix users appreciate the fact that this product provides all the necessary functions for monitoring large enterprise infrastructures at virtually zero cost," said Alexei Vladishev, the founder and CEO of Zabbix.

Brief overview of the most important features available in the new versionin

Scheduled generation of reports in PDF format

Zabbix will be able to generate and send customized daily, weekly or monthly PDF reports. It is now possible to convert any Zabbix dashboard to a PDF report! Access to this feature is controlled by the new user role.

More powerful problem detection

Zabbix now supports a simple but extremely flexible new syntax for problem conditions. It allows creation of very sophisticated conditions for detecting problems in real time. A new set of operators, statistical, mathematical and string functions has also been introduced, making it even more efficient.

Advanced data aggregation

Zabbix's aggregation capabilities have been expanded to support the selection of metrics according to various conditions, including tags. This simplifies data aggregation for capacity planning, enterprise-level monitoring, and advanced problem detection. Existing aggregate metrics features have been merged into recalculated metrics for simplicity.
Now Zabbix uses a single syntax for everything: triggers and converted metrics!

Visualization enhancements

Zabbix 5.4 unifies the functionality of screens and dashboards and introduces support for versatile dashboards. One platform to visualize all your data!

API Tokeny for secure integrations

Support for expired API tokens helps Zabbix easily and securely integrate with third-party systems. The new user role controls who can create API tokens.

Greater tag support 

Zabbix 5.4 upúšťa od podpory označovania aplikácií na úrovni hostov a nahrádza ich metrickými tagmi. Teraz sú tagy podporované pre všetky kritické objekty v Zabbixe: šablóny, hosty, prototypy hostov, triggre, metriky a udalosti.
Podrobnejšie informácie o technických funkciách obsiahnutých v najnovšej verzii budú vysvetlené počas online stretnutí "Release Day" v rôznych jazykoch. Vyberte si podujatie a prihláste sa naň na webovej stránke Zabbix Events:


Zabbix 5.4 is now available for on-premises and cloud deployment :
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About Zabbix

Zabbix is headquartered in Europe, Japan, Russia, Brazil and the United States. Its founder, CEO and creator of Zabbix is Alexei Vladishev. Zabbix's core business is the development of free and open-source software for monitoring services, networks and applications. In addition, the company offers a wide range of professional services designed to meet each customer's unique business requirements, including implementation, integration, custom development and consulting services, as well as a variety of training programs. The mission of the Zabbix team is to make available a top monitoring solution that will be affordable for everyone. Zabbix was first launched in 2001. Zabbix was established in 2005 to provide technical support services. Zabbix's customers include government agencies from various countries, along with some of the world's largest telecommunications, financial, educational, retail and healthcare companies. Many of them are on the Fortune 500 list.

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