TREND: Cloud is not a place; cloud is a capability to be leveraged

31 March is World Backup Day. 
Have you ever wondered how important it is to have a well-set-up backup? Maybe you too have lost all the data you had stored on your mobile or computer. Much more valuable is the importance of regular backups of business data in companies. They are the greatest asset a company has, although the company often only realizes this when it's too late. 
In Slovakia, there is still an opinion that computer systems and their data must be kept in the company's own data storage and do not belong in the cloud at all. The security standards defined for the cloud are several times higher than a company can achieve on its own. 
In collaboration with Trend, we bring you an article about how we do it with the cloud and most importantly - we trust it.

Adapting quickly to unforeseen changes is essential if we want to do business today

Cloud - a few years ago a great unknown, today a useful helper, in a few years a necessity. While for many companies, cloud services have long been a reliable, secure, and simple solution to handle the digitalization of processes more efficiently, for many, the cloud is still a challenge.

Entrepreneurship is also the ability to respond quickly to challenges

From a useful helper for companies, it is becoming more and more a necessity. To manage a company without unnecessary problems and still save time or even money is the dream of every entrepreneur.

The pandemic has driven many people out of their offices. The home office has brought a new standard for organizations that they may not have counted on before. Not to mention that every company is now trying to optimize costs and increase productivity. If a company doesn't take care of its IT, it may regret it sooner, or later. 

The phrase "stay at home" has opened companies' eyes

The current situation forces managers to look for ways to manage the company and to cope with the new demands and situations that have come with difficult times. The pandemic has shown us clearly why it is important to be able to adapt quickly to change, but also how important it is not to complicate things unnecessarily and to get through difficult periods with ease.

This is exactly how the cloud works. It quietly provides some freedom for a business to operate as it should through IT systems, it allows people to be productive, it creates value, and it can also support the business.

Source: TREND

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