ITshare: Radoslav Červený: "Cloud is not only about the provided performance, security or storage capacity."

In recent years, companies have become more open to moving their corporate data and IT services to the cloud, and private, public, or hybrid clouds are now a natural part of enterprise infrastructures. Cloud services are now a common part of application solutions, and their benefits are appreciated by businesses across segments, regardless of size. What are the key benefits the cloud brings to businesses and corporations, and what are the unfounded concerns of the customers? We interviewed Radoslav Červený, senior IT consultant at eGroup Solutions, a. s.

How do you personally perceive the market situation from a cloud perspective? Is the popularity of cloud services growing?

I see this as a global trend and so do our customers. The principle is that all customers tend to focus on their primary business and not worry about the availability of IT infrastructure. They don't want to take care of the IT department or overburden management in that area. They look to IT more as a service to support their business.

Whether it's the infrastructure or the actual business applications that run on it, customers want to have them available around the clock, while at the same time being able to deploy new versions of them or add new functionality to them easily and continuously, without the need for downtime. 

Source: ITshare

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